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Pre Purchase Inspections

MPS Automotive’s Pre Purchase Auto Inspection Service

For many people, buying a used vehicle is the best course of action.



There are many downsides to purchasing a used vehicle: Not knowing the general condition or repair history of the car is of most concern. There are helpful tools such as Carfax to use to learn a vehicle’s service history.

These reports, however, are not exhaustive. A report cannot always inform you if the vehicle is okay to drive now. Are critical functions ready to go? What is the condition of items such as hoses, engine mounts, belts, brakes, tires, etc.….?  At MPS Automotive, we want you to be safe in any vehicle you choose to drive. Let one of our experienced, and ASE-Certified technicians conduct a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are considering purchasing.

Every used car shopper should find an experienced technician to perform a pre-purchase inspection. If you purchase a car that doesn’t have a warranty, you assume all of the risk. A pre-purchase inspection will lower some risks or possibly prevent a purchase mistake. A comprehensive review will give you peace of mind before you invest in a new vehicle.

Identifying issues prior to buying a used vehicle can save you lots of money. If problems are found early, you could use this information to negotiate a better price on the vehicle. If there are problems that are too costly or make the vehicle unsafe, you can avoid the vehicle altogether and find something safer for you and your family.

Do you have plans to purchase a used vehicle? Don’t take any chances. Call MPS Automotive to schedule a full pre-purchase inspection.